We are a youth-led NGO dedicated to advancing the sexual reproductive health and wellbeing of young people in urban and rural communities in Nigeria. We achieve this through a three-point approach which is: Sexuality Education, Advocacy and Capacity Building. We employ innovative and strategic approaches while leveraging on Information Communication Technology (ICT) and media to achieve our mission.


Integrity and openness: We do what we say and are open about our work and activities. We don’t condone dishonesty and corruption.

Teamwork: We are one family and treat everyone as family. We all work together to achieve our mission. We work, laugh and play together.

Humble service: We meet young people in their places of abode, school and work. We go into the field and get our shoes dirty. Young people especially in rural communities are our beneficiaries and we serve them with humility.

Sustainability and growth: We ensure our programs are financially sustainable, community driven and impactful. We focus on quality over quantity and work towards achieving the most results with little resources. We leverage on partnerships, grants and donations

Evidence and Data: We take evidence and data extremely important. All our projects and activities are driven by accurate and factual data and the results of our interventions are documented. Our mantra is “If it wasn’t documented, it never happened”.


MISSION: We are committed to provide high quality sexual reproductive health information and services to young people to enable them live out their full potential.

VISION: Our vision is to build a society where every young person can reach their full potential free of sexual health challenges regardless of their socio-economic status.